Simple, Secure, and Sustainable support for your technology lifecycle

What technology do we buy?


At RA Solutions, we’re here to help organizations turn their old or surplus technology into funds. This allows customers to have a wider range of freedom and get more funds back. We buy back laptops, tablets, desktops, and many other forms of technology so that your organization can grow with every upgrade!

Step 1: Quote

We will provide an accurate estimate of the total value of the devices.

Step 2: Transport

We cover the cost of shipping and can offer on-site packing/pick-up.

Step 3: Inspection

We thoroughly inspect devices as well as erase all sensitive data.

Step 4: Payment

We will provide a detailed inspection report and provide final payment.

Our Impact

Industries we serve

RA Solutions helps with all of your technology buyback needs.





ITAD & Recyclers

Our Refurbishing and Inspection Facility

With the highest level of security and processing standards, we ensure that any inventory that lands at our facility undergo a thorough inspection & data erasure process by our skilled specialists.

RA Solutions works with you

RA Solution understands that it can be difficult to know where to begin with their used technology. Here are three reasons why RA Solutions is your top choice when selling your technology:


We developed a simple process so you can focus on what matters. From beginning to end, you will barely lift a finger while replenishing your funds.


To provide our customer's peace of mind when it comes to their sensitive data, we follow the strictest facility security measures, inspection & data erasure processes. We demonstrate this through the retrieval of various industry-leading certifications: R2, ISO & NIST certifications.


RA Solutions keeps the customer's end goal in mind and help shrink their carbon footprint. We achieve this by extending the life of device through the refurbishing and reselling of renewed technology to consumers.

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