RA Solutions
Will Meet Your

RA Solutions
Will Meet Your

RA Solutions has twenty years of experience working in technology refurbishment and resale. We pride ourselves on providing clients with the best possible options.

Are you purchasing refurbished technology for your organization? Or are you a technology buyback company, electronic recycler, or wholesale company looking to partner with us to move your inventory?

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Why Should You
Buy From Us?

When you purchase technology from RA Solutions, you’re guaranteed:

A consistent supply of inventory

Get what you need when you need it thanks to a constantly restocked inventory from our partners.

Peace of mind on your purchases

When you buy from RA Solutions, you can do so securely. Every piece of equipment that we sell is backed by a warranty so you don’t have to worry about what comes next.

Clear pricing

You’ll always know what you’re paying upfront.

Consistent grading

All of RA Solutions’ technology is marked along a clear grading scale so that you know you’re getting the best deal at every level.

A wide range of technology options

RA Solutions offers you everything from laptops to tablets to mobile devices across a vast variety of brands.


Why Should You
Partner With Us?

We partner with a wide variety of companies just like yours to help move inventory off your shelves, and we:

Offer clear payment terms

You’ll find it easy to understand what your devices are worth and see that you’re getting the best possible value when you work with RA Solutions!

Buy a wide range of technology

RA Solutions is more than an IT distributor! When you need to move a broad assortment of technologies and brands off of your shelves, partner with us to get the best possible ROI!

Buy all quantities

No quantity is too small or too large for RA Solutions: We’re experts at grading inventory and will take a good deal at any size.

No Surprises

When we make an offer on your inventory, we assure you that the offer is set in stone. No surprises, that’s our promise!


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RA Solutions

RA Solutions is a recently launched division of US Mobile Phones that caters to the needs of both institutions looking for refurbished technology and wholesale or buyback companies trying to unload their stock. This division’s vision is to help clients effortlessly offload their stock so that they can boost their ROI or easily buy technology for their companies.

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Interested in buying or selling your technology for the best possible return on investment? Get in contact so that you can learn more about how our company can handle your technology and inventory needs!!