What to Consider Before Selling Your Used Technology

What to Consider Before Selling your Used Technology

In this day and age, there is a lot more to consider before selling your mobile technology – MacBooks, iPads, Chromebooks, etc. There are many avenues to take – and we are here to break down what’s important to know when selecting the right partner for you. Whether you are a school or business, keep in mind these 3 things before moving forward.

1) Verify the company properly erases sensitive data & disposes of end-of-life devices

Any organization might claim to have the ability to erase sensitive information & properly dispose of devices, but do they have the certifications and documentation to support it. To be sure, you will want to verify that the company has its R2, ISO, and NIST certifications. These certifications are awarded to companies that have undergone an extensive audit and prove to have verified processes that support rigorous industry standards. 

If a company is properly certified, then you should expect proper documentation of the data erasure of each device after they are inspected. 

2) Don’t be fooled by inflated quotes

To reel customers in, some companies will provide inflated “estimated” quotes that appear exciting at first but are often too good to be true. Typically, if devices have been used for 2-4 years, they will generally receive a C or D grade pricing (the grading scale is A-F). However, some companies will provide you estimates based on A or B pricing which is not typically realistic for most used technology. 

Transparency is key when it comes to selling your technology. An estimate is just an estimate, it’s not a guarantee that you will receive that same price in the end. To be certain you’re getting an accurate assessment of your used technology, choose a partner that is realistic and upfront about the value of your technology.

 3) Not every buyback process is the same

This can be the biggest pain point for customers trying to sell their devices. The process from quoting to final payment might appear similar company to company but is often not the case. First and foremost, verify that the shipment of your devices is completely covered. Some companies even go the extra mile and pick up devices on-site if you’re selling a certain quantity. 

Once the product has arrived at the facility, it is important to have a dedicated and reliable representative that keeps you updated on the progress. Typically, processing devices can take anywhere from 30-45 days. Last of all, receiving a detailed report of your device grade out and payment is essential. Some companies even provide payment the same day after delivering the final report.