Replenish Your School's Budget

What technology do we purchase?


At RA Solutions, we’re here to help organizations turn their old or surplus technology into funds. This allows schools to have a wider range of freedom and get more funds back to support your students. We purchase back laptops, tablets, desktops, and many other forms of technology so that your organization can grow with every upgrade!

Step 1: Quote

We will provide an accurate estimate of the total value of the devices.

Step 2: Transport

We cover the cost of shipping and can offer on-site packing/pick-up.

Step 3: Inspection

We thoroughly inspect devices as well as erase all sensitive data.

Step 4: Payment

We will provide a detailed inspection report and provide final payment.

Customer Review

RA Solutions helps with all of your technology buyback needs.

“Everyone was courteous, professional, and they paid a very fair price for all of our equipment.”

Phil Luthman

Director of Technology

Choose the Secure and
Eco-friendly Option

RA Solutions prides itself with keeping up with the latest processes and certification to ensure your sensitive data is securely erased and avoids ending up in a landfill.

Data Erasure

We conduct a complete data erasure across all devices with certification document provided.

5-Star Support

We provide a dedicated support representative.

Free Shipping

We cover the full cost of retrieving your devices — onsite pickup available. 

Timely Payment

We deliver accurate and same-day payment for our customers. 

Meet Andy Griglio!

RA SOlutions I Director of Business Development

“Working with schools for a decade, I know that technology budgets are tight. Schools now having the ability to sell their retired devices to a company like RA Solutions allows them to have more money in their budget and ability to replace their used devices.”

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