We Take Care of Everything

Our Simple and Secure Process

Step 1: Quote

We will provide an accurate estimate of the total value of the devices with a 24-hr quote turnaround time!

Step 2: Transport

We cover the cost of shipping and can offer on-site packing/pick-up for our customers all across the country. 

Step 3: Inspection

We thoroughly inspect devices as well as erase all sensitive data with industry-leading processes. 

Step 4: Payment

We provide a detailed & transparent inspection report and provide final payment same-day!

Our Refurbishing and Inspection Facility

With the highest level of security and processing standards, we ensure that any inventory that lands at our facility undergo a thorough inspection & data erasure process by our skilled specialists.

Customer Review

RA Solutions helps with all of your technology buyback needs.

“I found out about RA from a fellow friend who runs a business. I didn’t have to worry about every little thing — they take that all off us.”

Dovi Gross

Operations Manager, Mpower Energy​

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